Welcome to the Project Gallery

A selection of items created by people attending our service and staff members.

Storm trooper Helmet

Made by Lee .S

Judge Dread Helmet

Made by Peter

Scout Trooper Helmet

Made by Peter

Boba Fett Helmet

Made By James .W

1st order storm trooper

Made by Peter

Iron man & 3D printed Lego man

Made by James .H

Master Chief Helmet

Made by Duane .B

Viking  helmet 1/4

Made by Brian .P

Viking Helmet 2/4

Made by HfH group

Viking Helmet 3/4

Made by HfH group

Viking Helmet 4/4

Made by Staff group

Hats for Headway 2017

Worn by Wolferstans Hats for Headway 2017

Hats for Headway 2018

Worn by Wolferstans Hats for Headway 2018

Space ship

Made by James .R


3D Printed Robot

Made by James .R

Unicorn helmet head

Made by Staff group for Hats for Headway

Little Diorama's

Made by the Diorama group

Fantasy Diorama Scene

Made by Jon .S

Dragon 1/2

Made by Harriet .W

Dragon 2/2

Made by Lee .L

Card Crafting

Made by Craft and Card group

Jar Decoating

Made by Caroline .H

Aztec Diorama 

Made by James .W