Hope For Tomorrow:

Life carries on, its sure 'tis ture

nothing's to happen to me or you;

All of a sudden, your life is changed,

Wasn't planned, or arranged,

Your head is hurt, your head is struck!

What has happened to my luck???

The road to recovery is long, some sorrow

But there is a brighter day tomorrow!

They find it difficult to understand,

No broken hip, nor fractured head;

People cannot look, nor can see

What is really wrong with me...

I may be odd, at times a pain,

Head injury, surely has its strain...

On friends, and of course family,

But our best we try to be;

There is a light at the end of the tunnel

The medical knowledge we try to funnel...

To mend our mind, to put things right,

Stop restless days, and sleepless night;

If we persevere, we'll surely see,

Whatever will, is sure to be;

The recovery road is long, with sorrow

But there is a brighter day tomorrow!!!

Jeremy Manning

© Copyright - Headway Plymouth 1989

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